Saturday, 31 December 2016

Welcome to Volehouse Moor...

Deep in rural Devon, on a lane without a name or number is the little Devon Wildlife Trust reserve named Volehouse Moor.

Volehouse Moor- south side
It's a tranquil sort of place where you'll seldom meet anybody else, because there are other reserves that are so much easier to find. At Volehouse, you can always find a space to park- and there's only enough parking space for two cars!

Volehouse runs across two facing sides of a small valley, divided in the middle by the quietly flowing waters of the river Torridge. The river means you can't get from one side to the other so there are actually two reserves- Volehouse North and Volehouse South.

Together, they cover an area of some 39 hectares, about half of which consists of Culm grassland and half of meadow and woodland.

This is a diary of what happens there during the summer.

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